About Us

Our Company

Established in 2000, Gunns Textile Restoration has grown to be the preferred soft goods restoration vendor by reputation and referral from industry decision makers.  Family owned and operated, we bring over 100 years of combined experience in the restoration industry.

A leader and innovator in the development of soft good process and protocol, Gunns’ ultimate goal is to serve both the carrier and insured in the most economical and efficient manner.

We understand that any loss is an emotional and traumatic experience.  Through our unique ten-step process, we address both the psychological needs of the insured while documenting the file completely and indemnifying the claim in general.

Our Mission

There is something very personal about the soft goods in our lives.  From the baby blanket handed down from generation to generation to the favorite pair of jeans, we restore much more than fabric.  We restore comfort and peace of mind during the most stressful times of life.

At Gunns Textile Restoration, we recognize that our job goes beyond simply restoring soft goods to their pre-loss condition.  Everyone here is committed to helping families restore their lives.