Continuing Education

Continuing education is an important part of growing and staying current as an insurance industry professional.  Gunns works diligently to ensure that our courses contain the most accurate and applicable information for our clients.  We offer the convenient option of one and two hour courses.


Restoration of Soft Goods Affected by Fire, Smoke, Water & Mold – 3 hour course – A thorough survey of the aspects of restoration of soft goods.

The Restoration for Soft Goods – 2 Hour Course – A detailed discussion of the technical process of restoring soft goods, including the challenges associated with different types of fabrics, etc.

Defining Soft Goods & the Origin of Fire Damage – 1-Hour Course – A quick discussion related to definition of soft goods versus the other aspects of the total property claim.

Defining Electronics & Appliances & the Origin of Damage from Fire – 1 or 2-Hour Course – A  discussion related to definition of electronics and appliances.


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