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Testimonial - Masonry

To Jeff Carder and his crew – Words cannot tell you all, how grateful we were to receive our clothes and other belongings from the fire. Your kindness will always be remembered.

Edith Adams

This letter is to voice my appreciation for the great job Gunns Restoration did on cleaning my clothing and personal belongings following the fire at my home. I am also grateful to Gunns for storing my belongings for the 15 months it took me to completely return to my dwelling. I would highly recommend Gunns Restoration to anyone needing restoration services, not just for their ability to do restoration and storage, but for the staff’s willingness to work with a customer in a flexible manner to ease the return of the stored belongings with the least possible stress.

Janice Warden Garland, TX

Thank you so much-May the world always be as wonderful for you as you make it for others! Make God bless each and everyone that helped make it a little easier for my family.

Janice Graves Fort Worth, TX

Excellent Service. Thank you!

Michael Girton Arlington, TX

Thank you for the delicious pretzel treats. We appreciate your working with us and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Patti Fabish ServPro Duncanville-DeSoto

I just wanted to take the time to take the time to express my appreciation to your CST representative, during a time that was very difficult for me and my children. He was so helpful with taking the time to explain the process and the procedures with the flood and my items. Every time I called he seemed to always pick up and the couple of times I had to leave a message he called back in such a timely manner. He was always very kind and caring on the phone, he was excellent with follow-up calls, even after everything was completed. I would be more than happy to refer Gunns Restoration to anyone in need.

Mary Sakuta Garland, TX

I spoke with you a few minutes ago about my nephew. They escaped their townhouse fire with only the clothes on their back. We thank God the 2 year old and he and his wife are safe. The fire started in the unit behind him and he had just moved in 3 weeks prior to the fire. It was a 14 hour fire battle for 6 cities and by the grace of God, they retrieved a couple of blankets made by great grandma, a couple of baby blankets, some t-shirts and a signed Madono jersey.

When I asked Tammy for a restoration company phone number, she game me your name and number and I was amazed at your offer. I want to thank you so much for helping the kids out by offering to get what little there was restored.

I surely did not expect this kind generosity and I am overwhelmed. I can’t thank you enough. It is no wonder AAA uses your company. You are truly appreciated by me and my entire family.

Diane Allen Claim Representative, AAA-Texas

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